martes, 3 de febrero de 2015

Once existed

Here is an excerpt from my book "once existed": "between the flat and fertile lands of the plateau, overlooking the ruins of what in the past was a town forgotten now.

"The first light of dawn leave uncovered a desolate landscape.Houses, wineries and the dovecotes of adobe and wood, have been collapsed with the passage of time and although they refuse to fall completely, are doomed to destruction.

The small church, almost disappeared, sees its progressive decline with resignation and only retains its splendid brick Tower, which stands defiant to the passage of time, and inside which highlights his great campaign, which will never again sound already.

The cemetery deeply deplores the cruel desecration of graves and seems convinced of their extinction.Even agricultural lands have been abandoned to their fate and rest, perhaps forever, in lonely wastelands.

Only maintains its splendour the nearby forest, with its magnificent trees of hardwood leaves, other than the passage of time and the source, which seems to well water forever"....The outcome at:

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